1.3.5 Upcoming
Postponed Two new shortcodes: [edd_lost_password] and [edd_reset_password]
Postponed New Layout design: List view

Adding Support for the EDD PDF Invoices extension

Added Our Marketplace :: FES Vendor Addon now supports the option to select random vendors
Added Support for the EDD Reviews 2.0 extension
Added Support for the Order Details For Affiliates (AffiliateWP) plugin
Added Support for the EDD Social Login extension

Fixed A bug inside the Marketplace :: FES Vendor VC Addon

Improved Support for embedded video/audio urls inside FES
Improved Documentation
1.3.4 31 July 2016
This update focus on fixes and improvements. New features will be added inside the next one. :)

Added Extra audio/video/embedded url fields for non-fes users

Improved Google Microdata
Improved Redirects
Improved WP admin :: extra column inside the category and tag table to display ID numbers

Improved Use equal heights throughout the theme, not just inside the VC Addons

Improved Our Marketplace :: EDD VC Addons plugin with new options
Fixed The Multi layout option inside the Filter VC Addon was invisible
Fixed Error when the EDD Commission isn't active.
Fixed Demo Import issues

Improved Minor CSS improvements
Improved Documentation
Improved Theme Options Panel
1.3.3 10 July 2016
Added Support for the EDD File Upload extension
Added Support for the EDD Cross-sell & Upsell extension
Added Support for the EDD Currency Converter extension
Added Support for the AffiliateWP extension
Added Support for the Recommended Products extension

Supports The EDD Download Image Watermark extension

Fixed bootstrap.min.js was loaded twice (once by the theme, and once by our plugin).
Improved Our Marketplace :: EDD VC Addons plugin with new options
1.3.2 23 May 2016
Added New VC Addon to display all FES Authors on a page (pagination included)

Improved New slider option (center mode and opacity effect)

Fixed Improvements when it comes to escaping output
Fixed Debug warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Fixed Minor css improvements for RTL websites

New EDD Theme in the make. See our Pinterest board for previews.
1.3.1 30 March 2016
Added 2 new shortcodes
Improved Code by escaping all output (including language strings)
Improved Display of the Preview Tooltip.
Improved Hide Marketplace :: Items widget if there's no items available.
Improved Recently viewed option inside the Marketplace :: Items now relies on cookies.
Improved Invoices are responsive
Improved Notification bar
Improved The Wishlist EDD extension is better integrated inside the theme.
Fixed Modified code so that the Username inside the topbar is visible again
Fixed A few debug notices
fixed Missing div tag inside the Kiwi :: Archives widget.
Fixed A small bug inside the Category VC Addon
1.3.0 17 March 2016
Requested Pageloader
Added Support for the EDD Software Licensing extension
Added Support for the EDD Point and Reward extension

Added Extra badge next to a user's name inside the comment area on the item description page to see if a user has purchased the EDD product or not.
Added Extra styling option for those who only uses our Marketplace EDD VC Addons plugin and wish to use our demo styling (font size and font family).
Added Full Screen Search Overlay inside main or topbar menu.
Added Topbar icon features inside main menu

Verified Our Marketplace EDD VC Addons plugin has been fully tested with Shopkeeper

Requested Added a Preview Tooltip inside the visual composer addons when 'thumbnail' is selected as a layout.
Requested Extra option to add a rel="lightbox" attribute inside the slider on the item description page for those who would like to use a lightbox plugin.

Improved Extra option to switch the topbar icons on either the left or right side of the menu list
Improved Hide Author's portfolio widget if there's no other portfolio items available.
Improved Hide Related items widget if there's no other items available.
Improved Slider options inside your theme options panel for the item description page.
Improved Moved 'Demo button background color' option to the Styling tab (Theme Option Panel).
Improved Minor css improvements
Improved Documentation

Fixed A few debug notices to improve theme performance
Fixed Modified Bootstrap Nav Walker to make parent menu items (with submenus) clickable by default.

Fixed User Login Redirect feature works again.
1.2.9 7 Feb 2016
Requested Video/Audio support

Added Hide featured image if audio playlist exceeds X number of uploaded tracks.
Added Extra widget to display the submission forms inside FES.
Improved Author parameter inside VC Grid Addon
Improved Include parameter inside Marketplace :: Categories 2 widget

Improved Hide 'Item description' block if there's no content.
Improved Extra option to set the alignment of the pagination (left, center, or right) inside the VC Grid Addon

Improved Extra option to enable 'star ratings' inside the widgets
Improved Extra option inside the Filter and Grid VC Addon
Improved Extra options inside the 'Related items' widget
Improved Minor css improvements for the RTL feature

Fixed Wrong 'Item thumbnail' metakey was used for displaying the 80x80px thumbnail (FES Submission form)
Fixed Removed "reverse" option for LTR themes inside the 'previews' slider on the item description page
Fixed Tweaked our code to match with Easy Social Share's latest coding standards.
Fixed A small bug inside the VC Addons when using the 'comparison' field.
1.2.8 9 Jan 2016
Requested RTL Support for our Arabic and Hebrew customers

Added Merging Most Recent, Random, Top Sellers widgets into 1 widget.
Improved The VC Addons are now available as a plugin rather than part of the theme.
1.2.7 23 Dec 2015
Added New demo pages :: Premade pages you can use straight away
Added Dashboard improvements:
Requested Extra topbar menu features
Requested EDD Wallet integration
Requested Shopping cart button. This feature will replace the WP Menu Cart plugin.

Added Multiple hooks for developers

Fixed Minor issue with displaying the 'average rating per product' widget.
Fixed A small bug when displaying the category filters buttons inside the Filter VC addon

Improved Reviews extension integrated inside the archive pages (no longer just the VC addons)
Improved The option "Change price display if price is $0.00" is no longer dependent on EDD's built-in filter: the edd_currency_filter.
Improved Grid VC addon supports pagination
Improved Minor css improvements

InactiveOur code for 'User Login Redirect' temporarily disabled due to FES latest coding standards. 30 Nov 2015
Fixed Debug error non FES users receive: Call to undefined function EDD_FES()

Improved Our code to display a store banner on a vendor's page to match with FES latest coding standards.

Added Grid style 3 inside the VC Author widget

New Updated our product description page on ThemeSnap with new images
1.2.6 27 Nov 2015
Added Extra option inside your theme options panel to style your (dropdown) menu.
Added Extra option inside your theme options panel to enable/disable the column with the 'social media buttons' on the item description page.
Added Custom topbar menus based on user role (logged in, non-logged in and approved vendor status)
Added Extra support for the EDD Extension :: Reviews
Added Extra widget to display average rating per product

ImprovedLatest import files inside the download package (Import files folder > redux options.json + widgets.wie) as backup.
ImprovedMarketplace :: Filter VC Addon:
Improved Under Data Settings tab the author paramenter is included inside the Slider VC Addon.
Improved Fixed minor styling issues inside all VC Addons.
Improved Theme is now configured properly for child theming.
Improved Minor css improvements
Improved Documentation
1.2.5 16 Nov 2015
Added Compatibility for Frontend Submissions version 2.3
Added 1 new exclusive vc addon (Featured Author)

Improved Extra styling options for all vc addons.
Improved Built-in File information metabox + widget. This will replace the Software Specs + EDD Download Info plugin.
Improved Embedding CMB2 Framework as a plugin.
Improved Minor css improvements.
1.2.4 3 Nov 2015
Added 2 new exclusive vc addons.
Added Extra landing page featuring these two new vc addons.

Improved Minor css improvements.
1.2.3 9 Okt 2015
Added Option to exclude categories within all vc addons.
Added Extra widget to display authors other items (for the item description page).

Improved Marketplace :: slider (VC Addon) now supports thumbnails.
Improved If FES vendor slug (FES Constants) is changed, the portfolio link inside the author widget will change along with it.
Improved Logo can be added inside the topbar.
Improved Extra styling options added for the search form inside your theme options panel (Theme Option > Styling > Search form).
Improved Embedding Redux Framework as a plugin.

Fixed User role 'Administrator' now redirecting to the admin area instead of homepage.
1.1 18 Aug 2015
Added One Click demo content installation feature inside your Theme Options Panel
Added EDD User Roles Redirect (Option can be found inside your Theme Options Panel > Marketplace > User Login Redirect)

Improved Extra boxed width options (border + shadow) added
Improved User Dashboard design (same design as FES Dashboard)
Improved Single and Plural text strings inside the User and FES dashboards

Fixed Debug notices for the Marketplace :: Post Widget block
Fixed Minor issue with the breadcrumb

Added (WP 4.3) Re-enabled comments by default for pages. Can always be disabled inside your Theme Option Panel
1.0 13 Aug 2015
Added Visual Composer Addon :: Post Widget block

Improved Sorting option added for tag widget
Improved Spacing between slides option added inside the Visual Composer Addon :: Slider
Improved Added support for Yoast Breadcrumb
Improved Online documentation

Fixed Footer custom text field (right block)
Fixed Hide categories and tags if empty inside the EDD Software Specs plugin
Fixed Undefined index: show_excerpt, show_thumb, and show_date (widgets)
Fixed Structured Data Errors: Missing: author, entry-title and updated
Fixed Removal of unexpected whitespaces inside excerpt
Fixed RTL option inside the Visual Composer Addon :: Slider

Added Minor SEO friendly adjustments which will help improve your speed scores in services like PageSpeed, YSlow, Pingdoom and GTmetrix.
Added Added more micro data (Google Rich Snippets)